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Small game

Pheasants, red-legged partridges, ducks and birds of passage

We suggest two types of hunt:

  English-style beating hunt

          8 to 12 people
          Tally: 500 to 1,000 items

  Traditional foot hunt

          (Walking or placed rifle)
          8 to 12 people
          Tally: around 12 items per person

Pheasants: Omnivorous animals that mainly eat worms, green shoots, berries and grain. The female is called a peahen. Pheasants are highly reputed feathered game. Their meat has a distinctive flavour appreciated by gourmets.

Red-legged partridges: They eat plants, leaves and wild grain. Their meat is one of the most delicate game meats.

Ducks: Omnivorous birds that feed at the surface or in shallow water, eating fish, grass or grain. Their flesh is very delicate and flavoursome and its slight bitterness marries perfectly with orange.

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Small game

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